K&A in Rentz’s Student Affairs Practice in Higher Education

Keeling & Associates proudly announces the publication of the 5th edition of Rentz’s Student Affairs Practice in Higher Education (Zhang N., Ed., Charles C. Thomas, 2016). Drs. Richard P. Keeling and Jennifer S. Dickson, Consultant and Director of Research, and Joseph DeSanto Jones, formerly a member of the K&A staff, contributed two chapters to the book.

Drs. Keeling and Dickson collaborated to frame an updated chapter on student health services. That chapter provides a comprehensive outline of best practices, organization, infrastructure, operations, programs and services, and resources in student health programs. Dr. Keeling’s on-campus experience leading complex health-related programs and services, and his leadership of comprehensive organizational and operational reviews of more than 115 campus health-related programs and services, provided the foundation for this chapter in both the fourth and fifth editions of Rentz.  The new chapter emphasizes the critical importance of the role and delivery of student health services within the context of the academic mission and in support of student learning and success.

Dr. Keeling worked with Mr. DeSanto Jones, who later became Director of Strategic Initiatives at NASPA – Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, to prepare a new chapter focused on assessment in student affairs. It provides an in-depth introduction to the purposes, functions, methods, and outcomes of assessment, including both operational assessments (such as utilization and student satisfaction) and assessments of student learning.

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The complete table of contents includes:

1. The Philosophical Heritage of Student Affairs (Carpenter, S, Dean, S, and Haber-Curran, P)
2. A Historical Perspective of Higher Education and Student Affairs: Transitions and Transformation (Hinton, K, Howard-Hamilton, M, and Rentz, A)
3. From Admissions to Enrollment Management (Ward, M and Hossler, D)
4. Academic Advising (White, ER and Steele, GE)
5. Career Services (Severy, L)
6. Counseling Centers (Zhang, N and McCoy, VA)
7. Student Conduct (Lowery, JW)
8. Multicultural Affairs and Special Support Services (Carodine, MKS, Snyder M, and Zhang, N)
9. Orientation (Overland, WI and Sarnicki, ML)
10. Residence Halls (Akens, C and Novak, J)
11. Student Life Programs (Whipple, EG, O’Neill, KB, and Wilson, ME)
12.  Fraternity and Sorority Life (Whipple, EG, O’Neill, KB, and Wilson, ME)
13. Collegiate Recreation (McFadden, CW and Molina, D)
14. Student Financial Aid Practice-A Changing Landscape (Bush, VB and O’Leary, EK)
15. Student Learning Assessment (Keeling, RP and Desanto Jones, J)
16. Student Health Services (Keeling, RP and Dickson, JS)
17. Imagining the Future for Student Affairs and the Student Affairs Educator (Shushok, Jr, F and Perillo, PA)