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K&A is Expecting! Dr. John Stafford to Join K&A in June

We are growing our little family again, with the addition of Dr. John Stafford to the team as Consultant and Project Director. Dr. Stafford will join K&A on June 1, 2017.

Dr. Stafford comes from Immaculata University near Philadelphia, PA, where he has served as Vice President for Student Development and Engagement for the last three years after being Dean of Students for 11. As Immaculata’s senior student affairs officer, his portfolio included athletics, campus safety, residence life and housing, student activities, and student wellness. His leadership and breadth of expertise in a wide variety of areas — including assessment, student affairs, health and counseling, and cultural programs — adds both breadth and depth to the K&A team.

Dr. Stafford earned his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Theatre Arts from Lenior-Rhyne University in North Carolina, a Master of Science in Counseling and Human Development from Radford University, and a Doctor of Education in Higher Education Administrative Leadership from Widener University.

We are extremely excited to welcome Dr. Stafford to our team and look forward to his collaboration with clients and colleagues on Change for Learning.

K&A in Organization and Administration in Higher Education Dr. Andrew Morse Publishes Chapter on Title IX

Dr. Andrew Morse, Consultant and Project Director at K&A, and Amelia Parnell, Vice President for Research and Policy at NASPA, co-authored a book chapter recently published in Organization and Administration in Higher Education.

The book chapter offers discussion on current issues in complying with Title IX’s intent to prevent and address discrimination based on sex in educational settings, examines the developing and intersecting role of the states, and offers considerations for leaders to manage their departments and divisions in a constantly changing legal landscape.

The book can be purchased here, and is published by Routledge.


NASPA17 Day 3- Monday 3/13/2017

#NASPA17 – Monday, 3/13/2017

K&A participated or lead three educational sessions during the first full day of the NASPA17 conference. The three sessions were; How Student Affairs Strengthens Institutional Strategic Plans Successful strategic plans recognize the essential partnership of Student and Academic Affairs in a whole campus approach to supporting student engagement, learning, and success. Strategic planning is a powerful opportunity to create a practical vision for the future; strong, student centered plans include structured approaches to integrating learning across the student experience. Those plans define how Student Affairs will contribute to the plan’s—and the campus’ and students’—success.



NASPA17 Days 1+2 Storify of Our Time at NASPA

#NASPA17 Day One (March 11/12, 2017)

Snowstorm, Workshop, Many Miles, Luncheon, Anderson Cooper. 48+ hours of amazing learning, team building, and sharing with the #NASPA17 community. So happy to be a part of this! Here is just a *taste* of the first weekend…

K&A at #NASPA17 March 11-15, 2017 - San Antonio, TX

In just a few short days, ten members of the K&A team will descend on San Antonio to lead 6 educational sessions at the annual conference for Student Affairs Professionals. For a list of where they’ll be, what they’ll talk about, and who else is coming, check out this program we made.

#KAedchat – Supporting Our Nation’s Diverse Military-Connected Students Wednesday, February 15 - 6-7pm ET

Though scholarly inquiry has built a rich understanding of the intersections between lingering demographic and socioeconomic inequities and post secondary access, persistence, and attainment, the conversation has yet to encompass those with current or prior military service.

By examining points of similarity and difference among military-connected students, and drawing upon other facets of their holistic identities, the higher education community will have deeper insight on the challenges and successes of service members and veterans on our campuses.

In this chat, Dr. Morse will share and ask about points of similarity and difference by race/ethnicity and gender on key factors tied to post-secondary access, affordability, and debt, and draw intersections to our nation’s broader struggle to address inequities that linger along demographic lines.

Further, Morse will offer considerations for practice and scholarly inquiry to support access and inclusion for our nation’s  diverse military-connected students.What strategies can practitioners take to support and acknowledge the needs of military connected students? Are there ways we can deliver services differently? Are there things that practitioners need to know/skills they need to have?

Join Andrew Morse and the @KeelingHigherEd team on Wednesday, February 15, from 6:00 to 7:00 pm ET to discuss how to better serve those who have so bravely served us.
Join #KAedchat to follow the live discussion. 

Dr. Keeling in ACPA Webcast on Completion Agenda Webcast from December published on ACPA website

Two-Year College Student Affairs Practitioner’s Impact on the Completion Agenda

The Completion Agenda is the focus of many conversations surrounding current and future practice in higher education. This remains the case for community colleges who are being asked to produce graduates at higher rates and meet anticipated industry growth over the coming decades. In order to meet this demand, two-year colleges must enhance student learning, develop pathways for success, engage students for retention, and support student development. 48% of all undergraduate college students attend two-year institutions. However, much of the focus in higher education goes to four-year colleges and universities. This webinar will focus on the impact that the Completion Agenda is having on two-year colleges, as well as how student affairs professional in those settings are and can respond and support that agenda. Both research and practice will be presented during this conversation. Hosted by ACPA College Student Educators International’s Commission for Two-Year Colleges, this moderated panel discussion was facilitated by Dr. Matthew Robison. Panelists include Dr. Richard Keeling, Dr. Tyjaun Lee, Dr. Mei-Yen Ireland, and Dr. Yancey Gulley.

View the Webcast here.
ACPA launched a Video On Demand platform several years ago and has it on their VOD site and will be highlighting it on their homepage and then sharing on social media very soon.

Where in the World is Keeling & Associates By Bruce Douglass, Project Associate and Travel Coordinator

“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

In 2017, K&A was pleased to announce that during a very busy 2016, not a single employee was involved in an air rage incident or embarrassing viral travel video. However, our team members experienced adventures, adversity, mechanical problems, over-fueling, weather delays, and lots of other challenges in the course of our travels to assist clients. Despite it all, with thousands of miles under our collective belts, we followed the wise counsel of our founder, Richard Keeling, and remained cool, calm, and collected in the face of adversity.

Collectively, our team had enough miles in 2016 to circle the globe 13 times on 479 distinct flights; some likely thought that was exactly what they had done! For several, this meant elite travel status, more legroom, and priority boarding. We also learned that “Porsche service” does not refer to an express golf cart from one gate to another, but it really does involve the German automobile…much to our surprise and delight!

Still, we are away from our families and/or our pets* a lot! In one case, 165 nights out of the year. Our families, and even our pets, understand. The team never shies away from a challenge. We do not groan about boarding one more flight, train, or taxi, to get to our clients. Wandering, as Tolkien implies, does not mean we are lost as we visit new clients or return to familiar campuses for further work. Guiding our clients is at the heart of what we do and how we help institutions and people create change for learning. We may be concerned about the inclement weather, seat upgrades, and making our connections, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

*Like many workplaces, K&A confronts the same question…are you a dog or a cat person? On our video conference calls, we see the occasional cat tail going across the screen or errant typing that is blamed on our feline companions. During birthday singing, it is not unusual to be joined by multiple dogs howling or barking along in “tune” with the humans. While we are a majority dog environment, Cooper (our benevolent Vice President for Canine Relations), from his safe environs in Provincetown, encourages feline participation while he casts one dubious eye at those of us who would support them.

Dr. Morse Featured in Article on Sexual Assault on Campus The Atlantic Magazine

Dr. Andrew Morse, Project Director and Consultant with Keeling & Associates, was recently interviewed and featured about his previous work with NASPA – Student Affairs in Higher Education, through a partnership with ECS, Education Commission of the States, regarding sexual assault on campuses across the US.

The article, link here, explores the 2015 report on states’ campus sexual-violence legislation and how equipped state legislatures are to respond to a scaled back federal stance in regulating sexual assault.

Other information from the report can also be seen in a previously recorded presentation on the report’s findings titled The Architecture and Momentum of State Action. This webcast was given along with a panel including Dr. Kevin Kruger, President of NASPA.

Dr. Morse, now with K&A, can be engaged later this month when he leads two Twitter Chats on #KAedchat, one about IT in Higher Education, as well as a follow up on a presentation given at the Student Veterans of America Conference in January. Follow him at @AndrewQMorse and @KeelingHigherEd. Follow #KAedchat to join the live discussion.

#KAedchat – Interview Strategies for the Humble Wednesday, February 1, 2017 6:00-7:00pm ET

As we look past the current weather into the warm embrace of spring, we also find ourselves amidst another packed “Search season.” This means interviews, campus visits, and endless opportunities — or requirements — to talk about yourselves and your work. We often find that most candidates view accomplishments as a team effort, and in formal interview settings they tend to downplay their role in bringing the change to their campus. It may seem obvious yet still worth mentioning, hiring managers appreciate what you do on a team but are not interested in your team when asking about you. They are interested in you. How do we get comfortable with talking about ourselves? What are some effective strategies for mastering the art of bragging humbly? What are some good examples of emphasizing work you’ve done without overdoing it? Luckily, Jeff Ewing is here to help.

Join @JEwingSFO and the @KeelingHigherEd team tomorrow, Wednesday February 1, 2017 from 6-7pm ET as we explore “Interview Strategies for the Humble”, and learn to talk about ourselves!

Follow #KAedchat to join the live chat.