Identifying Institutional Leaders for Future Success March 13 Texas B - Grand Hyatt - 11:15am–12:05pm

A key aspect of every executive search is identifying the most important and highest priority characteristics of individuals who will lead our campuses. Campus systems often prescribe processes which make it difficult to identify strong experience. Finding leaders who fit the needs, values, and culture of specific campuses and designated roles requires higher level thinking and assessments of the vision for leadership and the qualities —not just the qualifications—of a given candidate.

Rock Jones, Ph.D.,  President, Ohio Wesleyan University

Vicki DiLillo, Ph.D.,  Ohio Wesleyan University

Monica Mendez-Grant, Ed.D.,  Texas Women’s University

Lou Stark,  Case Western Reserve University

Richard Keeling, M.D. , K&A

Jan Walbert, Ed.D., K&A