K&A Staff Contributes to Rentz’s Student Affairs Practice in Higher Education, (4th Edition)

Rentz’s Student Affairs Practice in Higher Education, (4th Edition)

Chapter 13: Student Health

“First and foremost, college health programs are learning support services that help students achieve their academic, intellectual, and personal potential by strengthening health and well-being and removing barriers to learning.”

Richard Keeling, M.D., Jennifer Stevens Dickson, Dr. P.H., and Trey Avery — collaborated with Edward Whipple, Ph.D., Vice President for Student Affairs at Bowling Green State University, to prepare the chapter on student health programs for the new, (4th edition) of Rentz’s Student Affairs Practice in Higher Education published by Charles C. Thomas Press on January 31st, 2011.

The chapter provides a comprehensive description of the organization, structure, administration, operations, programs and services, best practices, and resources in student health programs. Drawing upon Dr. Keeling’s on-campus experience leading complex health-related programs and services and on our experience of having completed comprehensive organizational and operational reviews of more than 80 college and university health and mental health programs, the new chapter emphasizes the critical importance of the organization and delivery of student health services within the context of academic mission and the support of student learning and success.

The new edition provides an up-to-date authoritative reference on current student affairs practice. As with the previous editions, the new text will continue to be a key resource for students in graduate programs of higher education administration, educational leadership, and college student personnel professional preparation programs.