Executive Search


K&A provides Executive search services and Interim placements for colleges and universities of all types that are seeking to recruit:

  • Senior Student Affairs Officers (SSAOs)
  • Associate and Assistant Vice Presidents and Vice Chancellors in Student Affairs
  • Vice Presidents or Directors for Enrollment Management/Admissions
  • Executive/Directors and Assistant Vice Presidents for Student Health, Counseling, and Wellness Services; see more information below about recruiting directors of health- related programs and services
  • Chiefs of Staff for senior institutional executives
  • Student Affairs development officers
  • Directors of student personal and academic support programs and services, including student life/activities, career centers, diversity and inclusion, gender relations centers, public safety, and fitness and recreation

K&A welcomes requests for proposals and inquiries regarding our Executive Search Services and the specific opportunities listed on our website.

Our recruiting projects are led by senior consultants who have actually served in and/or supervised the types of positions for which an institution is searching. The combined experience and expertise of Jan Walbert, Ed.D. and Richard P. Keeling, M.D.  forms the framework for a uniquely qualified and responsive executive search service that complements, informs, and adds value to established in-house recruiting processes.

K&A is a comprehensive search firm. Our services sidestep the extensive costs and lack of control that often accompany the recruiting process. Instead, we offer a consultative approach that is mission-oriented and focused on improving overall outcomes for the institution; recruiting is therefore a means to an end, rather than an end in itself.

Our long experience in higher education has allowed us to develop extensive, trust-based networks and relationships through which we can identify and motivate the best possible candidates, including highly qualified professionals who are not (yet) looking for a new position and have not been reviewing advertisements or job announcements. We believe that the most successful searches are based on a solid understanding and appreciation of institutional priorities and goals. Only that understanding can produce the right “match.” We work closely with clients to find candidates who fit the mission, learning goals, characteristics, and requirements of each institution. We can secure pools of strong and well-matched candidates who will not only succeed in their new position, but also advance the mission and goals of the institution.

The scope of work done by K&A in executive searches varies, depending on an institution’s needs, internal capacity, and requirements. Recruiting assistance may be performed independently or linked to a divisional or departmental review, reorganization, or strategic planning process. Often, a review prior to the recruiting process enables an institution to better define its needs — and, therefore, to recruit and hire a candidate who can address those needs effectively. Having the “right” person in a leadership or management role facilitates collaboration and can help build stronger bridges between classroom and out-of-class learning experiences to promote student success.

Providing Executive Search Services for Student Health Positions

K&A has provided leadership in college health programs for more than 25 years and has completed reviews of health and/or counseling services for more than 100 institutions; we have completed many successful searches for new executive directors or directors of health-related programs and services — sometimes combined with a departmental or program review. Having the “right” person in charge of health or counseling services ensures that those programs enable students to be ready to learn and therefore support student success. 

K&A provides executive consultation, coaching, and transition support to newly appointed placements (both interim and permanent).

Given the extensive service of our senior consultants in executive roles in higher education, K&A can offer a developmental and well informed perspective to both new and experienced leaders and administrators as a way of advancing their own unique potential while increasing the probability of their success in their new roles.