An objective, external perspective strengthens the integrity and value of the review, assessment, and improvement of organizations, programs, and services. K&A’s team of senior consultants blends the objectivity of an external review with the texture and depth offered by self-studies. Our reviews can encompass mission, organization, structure, leadership, administration, programs and services, resources, infrastructure, and operations; ultimately, their purpose is problem-solving and improvement.

  • Many reviews include evaluation of organizational and operational effectiveness — how well a program, department, or division organizes and uses resources of all kinds (people, space and equipment, technology, energy, ideas, money, goodwill, etc.) to accomplish its mission and goals.
  • Organizational structure, workflow and work process, positions and relationships among positions, efficiency and productivity, and assessment of operational results and outcomes.
  • Feasibility analyses of proposed changes in organizational structure, partnership relationships, or programs and services.
  • Reviews are often informed by survey research. Those projects include individually tailored survey and research services to provide timely and high quality information with which to inform the conclusions of a review or recommendations for program improvement.

K&A provides evidence-based reviews, including analysis, conclusions, and recommendations, regarding:

  • Whole institutions and associations, especially in the settings of leadership transitions, culture change, and the need to respond to major changes in opportunities, challenges, or resources.
  • Academic programs, including general education.
  • Student Affairs/student life divisions, programs, and services — especially:
    • Divisional review and renewal, often to improve the learning environment, enhance learning outside the classroom, and strengthen the relationship between Academic and Student Affairs.
    • Health-related programs and services (integrated or independent health, counseling, and health promotion/prevention programs). K&A has provided national leadership in health-related programs for students for more than 25 years and has completed more than 80 reviews that have strengthened student health and/or counseling programs and services at a broad and diverse range of colleges and universities.
    • Career services. Having worked with career education, preparation, and services offices placed in both Student Affairs and Academic Affairs, and having assisted many of those offices in adapting their vision, direction, and service portfolio to better address students’ needs in a changing world of work, our senior consultants can effectively assist leaders in redefining the roles of career offices and better integrating their work with both student life and academic programs.
    • Greek-letter organizations. Our senior consultants have unique expertise honed by extensive “real life” experience supervising directors of Greek Life and having direct responsibility for the welfare and success of Greek-letter organizations and students in fraternities and sororities. K&A works with senior student affairs officers and directors of Greek Life to effectively align and integrate Greek Life with the mission of the Division and develop appropriate program models. We partner with national offices of Greek-letter organizations for strategic planning; addressing serious challenges (hazing, alcohol and drug abuse, retention) that individual chapters face on campus. Our practice is guided by respect and appreciation for the diversity of Greek-letter organizations (Historically Black Fraternities/Sororities; organization and chapters of various ages, backgrounds, and histories).
  • Athletic programs, including work with executive officers of institutions and national organizations—presidents, senior academic officers/provosts, senior student affairs officers, and others—to integrate athletic programs into the academic mission of the institution; strategic alignment of athletic programs with institutional values; facilitate effective partnerships across the academy to concurrently support athletics and learning.