Senior Executive Consultation

Because of our own service in presidential and other executive roles in higher education, K&A can offer a neutral but well informed perspective that can help strengthen institutional leadership. Both new and experienced leaders and administrators find such a consultancy helpful as a way of exploring their own unique potential and options or learning about what others have accomplished. Leadership in colleges and universities is often a lonely endeavor; executive isolation is common and can inhibit the trust, candor, and authenticity necessary for successful leadership. Neutral, external colleagueship can be very useful. K&A offers:

  • Senior executive consultation: Like each president, provost, or other senior executive, each executive consultancy is unique. We begin by exploring the executive’s objectives, the issues that need to be reviewed, the data needed to allow the executive to be better informed and armed with alternatives, and the level of intensity needed in the consultation. Experience has shown that senior executive coaching can be fundamental in creating greater capacity, building a dedicated time and space for reflection and thoughtful consideration of options, setting priorities, and identifying and avoiding or ameliorating significant administrative problems.
  • Management and administrative consultation/coaching: Issue-specific, time-specific, or longer-term consultation and coaching for department leaders/directors, vice presidents, deans, and other institutional officers.