Our Clients

In every project we deliver, we collaboratively develop and share the mission and goals of our clients’ work — improving vision, strategy, and results in higher education. With that in mind, we prefer to think of our client relationships as partnerships devoted to achieving these common goals.

Our clients share that view; it was, in fact, a client who first used the term partnership to define their work with us. Our client relationships have always been just that — partnerships in which we call upon each other to reach our common goals. Specific projects have always had a defined lifetime — a beginning and an end — but our relationships with our clients have naturally continued in that way.

We believe that as our partnerships focus on improving vision, strategy, and results on individual campuses, we are actually contributing to strengthening those qualities in higher education as a whole. Whether you are a college or university, higher education association, not-for-profit organization or business client of K&A, our philosophy is the same. When we work together, we share our mission and goals — and we are partners.

We invite you to view our historical client list.