Unique K&A Project Tools

Self-Assessment Process

K&A has created – and used in more than 20 universities – a proprietary self-assessment process and associated tools through which individual departments, divisions, and programs can study, reflect upon, and report their own organizational effectiveness, strategic thinking, outcomes, and aspirations. This process, which includes Web-based, document, and in-person components, reduces time and resource demands for project teams on-site, gives clear voice to campus staff, and highlights internal institutional assets.

Customized Surveys

K&A creates, administers, and reports analysis and results from customized surveys to gather key information in support of project goals. These surveys contribute special richness and depth to our consulting observations and ground and contextualize the findings of the project teams.

Assessment Resources

K&A has developed proprietary tools, templates, and training resources that support our professional development and capacity-building work regarding assessment of student learning outcomes and institutional effectiveness.

Utilization, Capacity, and Productivity Assessments

To support our reviews of health-related programs and services (health services, counseling and mental health centers, and health promotion and wellness programs), K&A has developed spreadsheet-based tools to calculate various utilization, capacity, and professional staff productivity indicators that inform project conclusions and recommendations.