Daniel Miller

Executive Coordinator

Daniel strives to smartly allocate Dr. Keeling’s time and resources in partnership with clients, consultants, and colleagues. Since the fall of 2015, he has found accomplishment in editing documents and deliverables, templating meetings and participants on the Chairman’s calendar to best suit each day’s needs, and long-term forecasting of the chairman’s ability to serve clients relative to projects and timelines.

Daniel loved his nearly 20-year career in restaurants prior to his role in the Chairman’s office. The study of wine, its regions and the foods that grow nearby and in the same soils, encouraged an eagerness in him for persistent learning. Daniel believes the root for a keen skill in timing and cadence are grounded in his work as a waiter. These attributes are considered the most valuable and necessary precursors to his responsibilities at Keeling & Associates.

Daniel grew up in Orlando, Florida, raised by his parents, who happen to be first-generation college graduates, and educators. Daniel has three siblings and enjoys time with them, along with his nieces and nephews. Music, food, and the great outdoors (and Costco) are his happy places.

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