Michael R. Stevenson, PhD

Senior Consultant

Over the course of his career, Dr. Stevenson has earned national recognition for leadership and outstanding contributions in teaching and scholarship to the science and profession of psychology. His scholarly work has appeared in a wide variety of books and periodicals; and he has offered lectures, workshops, and seminars for professional and lay audiences in Asia, Canada, the Middle East, South Africa, and across the United States. He was the founding editor of The Journal of Diversity in Higher Education and has been elected or appointed to leadership roles in a variety of professional associations and non-profit boards.

Having served higher education for over forty years, he has developed particular expertise in academic affairs, faculty leadership and development, online learning, institutional governance, and inclusive excellence. His success in a progression of academic and administrative roles in variety of institutions in Indiana, Ohio, Arizona, Maine, and Indonesia have deepened his understanding of the conditions that are required for students to succeed.

Michael earned his BA in Psychology (with distinction) and his MS and PhD in Developmental Psychology from Purdue University. He was honored with the McKeachie Early Career Teaching Award by the American Psychological Association (APA); as a Fulbright Senior Scholar; as a Sr. Congressional Fellow; as a Malone Fellow; and as an American Council on Education Fellow. In addition to cultivating his love of higher education, he finds time to share his enthusiasm for art, antiques, and historic architecture with others and to spend time with two rambunctious shelter dogs.

Areas of Expertise

  • Academic Affairs
  • Faculty Leadership & Development
  • Institution Governance

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