K&A is proud to have helped Connecticut College develop their new strategic plan, “Building on Strength”.

From the plan’s Appendix; “The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) and Keeling & Associates (K&A) together used multiple methods for gathering the observations, ideas, and suggestions of the Connecticut College community. Between September and January 2015, they helped facilitate more than 100 individual and small-group discussions on and off campus with nearly 450 faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Almost 1,200 comments were collected from four idea walls posted on campus. Well over 2,200 people in the extended community responded to our confidential online survey. Further ideas were collected from four open forums on campus, attended by almost 90 faculty, staff, and students.

During the spring 2016 semester, the SPC commenced the second phase, oriented around analysis and synthesis of the data gathered in the fall. in early January 2016, K&A delivered comprehensive reports summarizing the results from the fall’s information gathering. Additional small and large0group meetings were held with campus constituents and trustees to solicit feedback on the priorities that emerged. In March 2016, the SPC and K*&A came together with senior management in a retreat to reach consensus about overarching priorities, goals, and objectives. During April and May 2016, K&A worked with the committee to begin drafting the plan rationale, and members of the administration met individually with committee members to review and refine the goals. In early May, the SPC convened additional open forums to review the draft plan and consider additional community feedback.”

To see the plan in its entirety, as well as learn more about the process and Connecticut College’s experience, see their strategic planning website.