Opportunity, Inequity and America’s Story: Connections to our Nation’s Veterans

From the SVA Conference webpage;
“Though scholarly inquiry has built a rich understanding of the intersections between lingering demographic and socioeconomic inequities and post secondary access, persistence, and attainment, the conversation has yet to encompass those with current or prior military service.

By examining points of similarity and difference among military-connected students, and drawing upon other facets of their holistic identities, the higher education community will have deeper insight on the challenges and successes of service members and veterans on our campuses.

In this session, Morse and Molina will present points of similarity and difference by race/ethnicity and gender on key factors tied to post-secondary access, affordability, and debt, and draw intersections to our nation’s broader struggle to address inequities that linger along demographic lines.

Further, Morse and Molina will offer considerations for practice and scholarly inquiry to support access and inclusion for our nation’s diverse military-connected students.”

Join Andrew Morse and Dani Molina on Saturday morning as they dig into policy and practice surrounding military-connected students. As always, @KeelingHigherEd and #KAedchat will provide highlights from their presentation.