Two-Year College Student Affairs Practitioner’s Impact on the Completion Agenda

The Completion Agenda is the focus of many conversations surrounding current and future practice in higher education. This remains the case for community colleges who are being asked to produce graduates at higher rates and meet anticipated industry growth over the coming decades. In order to meet this demand, two-year colleges must enhance student learning, develop pathways for success, engage students for retention, and support student development. 48% of all undergraduate college students attend two-year institutions. However, much of the focus in higher education goes to four-year colleges and universities. This webinar will focus on the impact that the Completion Agenda is having on two-year colleges, as well as how student affairs professional in those settings are and can respond and support that agenda. Both research and practice will be presented during this conversation. Hosted by ACPA College Student Educators International’s Commission for Two-Year Colleges, this moderated panel discussion will be facilitated by Dr. Matthew Robison. Panelists include Dr. Richard Keeling, Dr. Tyjaun Lee, Dr. Mei-Yen Ireland, and Dr. Yancey Gulley.

The webinar will be recorded for upload to the ACPA Video On Demand platform. There are two additional webinars next spring that will focus on more specific practical application items for community college practitioners around the theme.

Join Dr Keeling on Thursday, December 8th, at 1pm ET for this webinar exploring the Completion Agenda in two-year colleges. @KeelingHigherEd will be live tweeting the webinar. Follow #KAedchat for this and other updates from the #changeforlearning community.