Exceptional Problem-Solving

Ways of solving problems, like the problems themselves, are an amalgam of old and new. We depend on both tried-and-true and emerging or new methods.

  • Tried-and-true: Working through layers to get to a solid, deep understanding of a challenge; discovering the opportunity hidden within it; exploring options — not just “fixes,” but designs for a different way forward that marries strategy with solutions.
  • Emerging or new: Data analytics (connecting the dots among data points—which requires both narrative and computational talent); human-centered design (variations on design thinking and creative competence); unique instruments that search out the wrinkles and light up the shadows in both problems and potential solutions.

The foundation for both is experience—more than 500 projects at 300+ institutions over more than two decades of work. Our senior consultants include recognized leaders, administrators, teachers, and scholars in higher education who have served as provosts, vice presidents, executive directors, and deans; they have served on governing and advisory boards of national professional organizations. They continue to think, write, publish, and present at conferences—and they continue to learn, experiment, and improve. We’re interested in human-centered design, for example, not because it’s fashionable in some quarters, but because it works. 

All of that makes us exceptional problem-solvers. We help our clients think strategically, accelerate change, and make change sustainable. We are designers, makers, thinkers, and doers. We are intellectually rigorous and rigorously practical. We make our projects educational and transformative; usually, the work is also fun. We find joy and professional fulfillment in helping colleges and universities improve outcomes — and in the intricacies of making those improvements possible.