Internships at K&A

The Opportunity

Keeling & Associates, LLC is a comprehensive consulting firm that strives to transform higher education to cultivate humanity and elevate society. Through excellence in our work and services, K&A improves outcomes for students and institutions in higher education. We partner with them to develop strategies and implement solutions that enable the transformative change needed to own their future. Our four values guide everything that we do: students first, equity, empathy, and value. 

Position Summary

K&A hires students who want to assist the K&A team with client projects, intellectual capital development, and research at any point in their educational journey. We look for candidates with strong analytical and communication skills, and a passion for making a difference. Our interns must have the ability to adapt to a constantly changing environment and manage through change with a high degree of emotional maturity.

As an intern, you will work in teams and independently to get hands on experience in real work with clients, assisting on projects that remake entire divisions, and put students at the center of the design process. Interns will receive guidance and feedback from senior consultants, project directors, and their assigned supervisor. As a K&A intern, you can expect to make an impact and develop to your greatest potential. As an intern at K&A, you will be doing real work on client projects, this is not a coffee bean-oriented experience.


Interns will participate in a variety of K&A activities designed to provide exposure to and experience with a higher education consulting practice. In addition to participating in whole-staff calls and other internal activities, interns will be involved in operational support for the company as well as activities and responsibilities related to ongoing K&A projects. Generally, interns will be involved in 3 phases or aspects of consulting and executive search services—research, drafting, and writing, and operational support for the company. Some actives include:  

  • Writing
    • Institutional Briefs—document that provides a detailed background on an institution, current leadership, recent news, and basic demographic and comparative information.
    • Summary Documents—taking notes during client and internal discussions and, along with notes from others, summarizing major points, follow-up details, and highlighting questions for further research.
  • Research
    • Comparative Research—search for, assess, and document benchmarking data and information across peer institutions for use in comparative analysis for client projects. 
    • Data Mining—identify and collect information on institutions, people, and programs to assist in building client databases, aiding Executive Search functions, and expanding listservs for mass communications.
    • Intellectual Capital Development—search for and share relevant articles, journals, and events for building a library of resources for future use.
  • General Project Support—take notes and summarize interview calls, discovery calls, and team meetings to support many aspects of the consulting and search processes. Should it be geographically and fiscally feasible, interns may travel with on-site teams to provide logistical support and further their work experience.
  • Professional Development – Participate in internal discussions around current topics in higher education. Additionally, interns will have the opportunity to schedule 1:1 conversations with project directors and senior consultants about career advancement and development.

How It Works

Interns at K&A work in a part-time capacity (20 hours per week), unless otherwise specified by their academic program or by special agreement with the principals and supervisors at the company. The hours are scheduled in consultation with the assigned supervisor and will include a flexible work schedule. All interns, like K&A employees, work from their own locations and are not required to be at the K&A office in Provincetown, MA.

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