As we look past the current weather into the warm embrace of spring, we also find ourselves amidst another packed “Search season.” This means interviews, campus visits, and endless opportunities — or requirements — to talk about yourselves and your work. We often find that most candidates view accomplishments as a team effort, and in formal interview settings they tend to downplay their role in bringing the change to their campus. It may seem obvious yet still worth mentioning, hiring managers appreciate what you do on a team but are not interested in your team when asking about you. They are interested in you. How do we get comfortable with talking about ourselves? What are some effective strategies for mastering the art of bragging humbly? What are some good examples of emphasizing work you’ve done without overdoing it? Luckily, Jeff Ewing is here to help.

Join @JEwingSFO and the @KeelingHigherEd team tomorrow, Wednesday February 1, 2017 from 6-7pm ET as we explore “Interview Strategies for the Humble”, and learn to talk about ourselves!

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