Please join us for #KAedchat — a weekly Twitter Chat — a growing conversation about higher education. We will have a variety of moderators, from within and outside K&A. Each week, we will connect the dots on issues, questions, and ideas about topics such as students and their experience, supporting learning, health and counseling, student life, academic innovation, design thinking, an ethic of care on campus, and empathy. You can expect to find high level conversation, resource sharing, and connections and network building. The hashtag to bookmark is #KAedchat.

As you join in these discussions and share your ideas, we hope you will glimpse our perspective —that higher education is a dynamic environment in which students and their learning always should come first; that institutions will always need to reconsider what they do and better position themselves to offer more support to students; and that colleges and universities work within a complex social, cultural, and political context. Faculty and staff in higher education are exceptional problem solvers; we draw upon their talent and expertise, combining it with our own experience to share pathways to change for learning. We believe in, and do, human-centered problem solving, where one size does not fit all and there is no universal blueprint to follow for solution seekers. Instead, we adapt the modes and methods of empathy and strategy to meet our clients needs — helping to bring transformative change to various learning and developmental environments.

Student Affairs

Much of K&A's work is in Student Affairs, it's only natural that we share and learn beyond just project work too!

Storytelling and Community Building

Topics related to Student Affairs are hosted by K&A consultants as well as guest moderators who are innovators in the field.

Health and Wellbeing

Some of the foremost Medical Directors and Health Promotion Executives in Higher Education consult with K&A to improve their campus.

Supporting Healthy Campus Communities and Initiatives

20 years ago, K&A was founded to make a difference in campus health and wellbeing. 20 years later, we are rockstars, and want to share some lessons we’ve learned!

Policy and Practice

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Innovation in Higher Education

Higher Ed is constantly changing.

Centering Empathy and Design for Better Student Experiences

Innovation Rocks!

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