Matt Bourke

Senior Intern

Matt joined K&A for a second summer in May 2019 as Senior Intern. Previously, he worked with the K&A team as an Intern in the Summer of 2018. Matt recently completed his undergraduate education at the University of Missouri, earning a bachelor’s degree in secondary language arts education, and will begin teaching English at William Fremd High School in Palatine, Illinois, this fall. During his time at Mizzou, he had a variety of experiences in higher education and student affairs, such as serving as President of the Residence Halls Association, Student Assistant to the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies, and as a supervisor for eight different residence halls over the course of two summers. Matt hopes to continue his education one day by pursuing advanced degrees in educational leadership.

Some of my highlights

I believe world change comes through global education. My duty as an educator is to prepare our future citizens to go out and impact both their own worlds and the world at-large. I hope to design and improve curriculum to include a multicultural, multidimensional view of society through literature, teaching my students to view the world from multiple perspectives and angles. I hope to develop schools to make students feel accepted, included, and cared for on a variety of fronts. I hope to lead schools in a direction of new-thinking, strategic problem-solving, and intentional action. I hope to change the world by empowering our future.

Though I’ve taken many classes that have changed the way I think, one course that stands out for the profound impact it had on my education was Inquiry into Schools, Community, and Society I, which explored education, its inequities, and how those can be counteracted through culturally-competent and -relevant teaching. It was through this class I was able to meet a mentor of mine and intern for a non-profit dedicated to advocating for the marginalized students in the Columbia Public Schools system. I have the opportunity to take ISCS II in the fall and can’t wait to see what more I can learn.

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