Alex Emmanuele

Director of Innovation

Alex, a recent graduate of Hampshire College, first joined K&A in 2014 as an undergraduate intern, and then worked with us as a fellow while completing his Division III project—a documentary on the infusion of empathy in education through the methods of “design thinking,” an innovative and intuitive process that helps generate creative solutions to difficult challenges. Having “forged his own path” at Hampshire by pursuing the questions that most engaged and interested him, he has now joined the staff of K&A in the role of Director of Innovation. He will help us develop and use new methods and tools to improve our work and find better and better ways to help our clients achieve “change for learning.” In addition to providing support to members of the project and search teams, Alex will expand K&A’s public domain and social media presence, improve company communications, and help enhance our pedagogy. His other interests include basketball—he dreams of playing in the NBA, hopes to stay injury-free, and has plans to expand the firm to include a skills development branch for struggling athletes.

Some of my highlights

  • Athletics, Recreation, and Community Outreach
  • Design Thinking – Community Building
  • Cabinet and Board Leadership Retreats
This video – more specifically, the closing shot. 
While an undergraduate student, I studied the use of Empathy as a teaching tool in K-12 education. Through that journey, I discovered a passion for human-centered design, the concept that if we solve problems through the lens of human experiences, rather than starting with money, programs, and processes, we often discover a larger root problem to tackle. That is transferred to our work for Change for Learning – starting with students first, and addressing the needs of the institution through their lens/experience, we find tremendous success and impact throughout the institution.

I was a college athlete, but when the lack of growth spurts crushed my NBA dreams, I found another love in science – specifically the science of food. I brew beer, make cheese from scratch, and experiment as much as I can with crazy combinations of food and science! Who says that liberal arts can’t teach “real” things!

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