Bruce Douglas

Project Associate and Travel Coordinator

Bruce Douglas joined K&A in April 2016 as Project Associate & Travel Coordinator. In his role, Bruce supports company-wide initiatives, manages travel logistics, and assists the project teams with their client work. Bruce came to K&A after serving as Special Assistant to the Dean at American University’s (AU) School of Professional & Extended Studies, where he helped implement new internal systems and launch online degree programs for adult learners. Prior to his role at American, Bruce worked at Ohio University, Saybrook Institute in San Francisco, and AU’s Washington College of Law where he held senior positions focused on enrollment, development, residence life, and boards of trustees. He spent seven years at M Squared Consulting in California guiding operations for a new business unit dedicated to a Fortune 100 client. Bruce has also co-owned a destination management company in Asia and managed the “traveling” office for the CEO of a U.S.-based financial services firm investing in the region.

Bruce holds a Bachelor’s degree in international relations from AU with graduate work in Southeast Asian Studies at Ohio University. He is the son of inveterate travelers, parents who left the U.S. for teaching careers with the government. Bruce credits them with his own sense of adventure. In his words, he speaks adequate German, Khmer that can get him in trouble, and Burmese that no one else can understand.

Some of my highlights

One of my favorite responsibilities is researching and writing briefs about our potential clients. I enjoy discovering the similarities and differences between institutions. Every school has a story to tell, a history, and a unique character. Some of this comes out through the basics like governing structure, retention rates, special programs, and rankings. However, the “good” stuff is in seeing how the student body, faculty, staff, and administrators respond to controversy and in times of crisis. Their responses speak to the character of the institution.

Through mental will power alone, was once able to remotely increase the speed of a plane so that Rich Keeling would not be late for a client meeting.

In another industry, I was once involved in a project establishing corporate philanthropy guidelines on an international basis. Similarly, in academia, I would love an engagement about best practices for partnerships with universities in developing countries including funding resources.

Avoid my brother-in-law’s K-9 unit (not favorite, but necessary)
Listen to people sing karaoke
Read trilogies in reverse order
Aggravate my nephews and remain the “cool” uncle
Training with the cat for our lunch naps

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