Daniel Miller

Executive Coordinator

Mr. Miller joined K&A in September, 2015 as Executive Coordinator. Daniel works closely with the project directors to sequence and manage the flow of project activities and materials, coordinates activities and events on Dr. Keeling’s calendar, and facilitates communication within the staff. Daniel researches and summarizes background information and data to support project teams and assists those teams to gather and compile narrative data.

Some of my highlights

Food encyclopedias, wine notebooks and guides, non-fiction, and applied theory/technique for my vocal production

I attended a small liberal arts college in West Palm Beach, Florida while simultaneously working with the Palm Beach Opera Chorus. I am currently working on a magnum opus to replace our telephone “hold” music!

In the retail and service industries, the customer is always right; in consulting, the client always comes first! My responsibilities demand balance between my director report (Dr. Keeling) and making sure clients feel taken care of, and supported. I try to streamline what I can in the office while working on projects and assignments.

(In no particular order)


Las Vegas

Britney Spears

My Family


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