Eric Engstrom

President and Executive Consultant

Eric L. Engstrom, M.P.H., President and Executive Consultant, joined Dr. Keeling in 1989 to form K&A. As the Company’s President, he has primary responsibility for organizational leadership and management, strategy and business development, innovation in technology and communications, and quality assurance. Mr. Engstrom provides direct consultation, technical assistance, and training programs in key areas for K&A’s clients. He is an experienced and skilled facilitator in strategic analysis and planning for organizations. As the first Executive Director of the Minnesota AIDS Project, he directed planning and implementation of state-wide HIV prevention and direct care and service programs, and later collaborated with other leaders of HIV-related service agencies on national boards, government agencies, and consensus conferences. Throughout the first decade of the AIDS epidemic, he provided national leadership in HIV prevention, care, services, and advocacy. His ability to understand the relationships between the parts of complex organizations and to think systemically, which were essential features of his success in Minnesota, are now essential elements of his work at K&A as well. Mr. Engstrom received his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the College of Liberal Arts and a Master’s degree in Public Health from the School of Public Health, both at the University of Minnesota.

Some of my highlights

In short, all of them.

As the (often) first person to talk to prospective clients at length regarding our extensive services, and then begin drafting and crafting a totally unique problem-solving experience with key members of the K&A team, I feel lucky to be able to “touch” and be informed by all of our project and consulting work. I particularly enjoy projects that allow the team to be divergent thinkers, and leverage the experience and skills of each team member to work for the institution and deliver transformational work.

Family, friends, colleagues, and Cooper D. Airedale, who belongs in all three categories. 

Ask me about the role of technology in learning, teaching, and the Future of Work. It’s amazing what has already been invented, produced, and imagined. Its even more amazing that the world hasn’t yet embraced the challenges that technology poses to higher education, career preparation, and the job market as a whole.

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