Gage Paine

Senior Consultant

Gage E. Paine, J.D., Ph.D., Senior Consultant, has 30+ years of experience and leadership in higher education and student affairs. She is a celebrated professional whose wisdom and perspective continue to shape values and priorities in higher education. As Senior Consultant, Dr. Paine works with her colleagues on the K&A team to assist student affairs professionals, administrators, and faculty in colleges, universities, and professional organizations in thinking and planning strategically, reviewing and strengthening programs and services, improving organizational and operational effectiveness, and increasing their own confidence and capacity through professional development.

Gage served as Vice President for Student Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin from 2012 until she joined K&A in summer 2016. In Austin, she led 775 diverse student affairs educators and professionals in a broad portfolio of student programs and services. She has served five Texas universities, three of them as Vice President for Student Affairs (Trinity University, and the University of Texas at San Antonio, before Austin). In 2011 Dr. Paine was honored by NASPA with the John Jones Award for Outstanding Performance as a Senior Student Affairs Officer, followed in 2012 with the Scott Goodnight Award for Outstanding Performance as a Dean as well as recognition as a Pillar of the Profession. She currently serves on the NASPA Foundation’s Board of Directors. Well known as a humane and spirited educator, she has taught both undergraduate and graduate students throughout her career.

Some of my highlights

Institutions of higher education need innovative, highly competent leaders more than ever. We need leaders who can work with diverse constituencies in developing a vision for the future and moving an organization toward that vision. We need leaders who understand the deep abiding values of higher education and can imagine a way into a new future for higher education. We need leaders who can develop competent leadership teams who are able to both manage their components of the organization and share in the leadership of the organization. I’d like to be part of helping senior administrators become true leaders for higher education.

In 2012 I had the opportunity to give a TEDx Talk at TEDxSanAntonio on the importance of silence. I opened my ten minute speech by asking the audience to join me in silence and I stood quietly on the stage for a full minute. The point of the Talk was to encourage listeners to bring more silence into their days, to become more comfortable with silence in conversation and in public spaces. Silence has value for its own sake, but also for the opportunity created to listen more deeply. 

What I like best about what it is we do – I have started describing what we do as ‘helping the organization talk to itself’. The processes that we use are designed to give members of a university community the opportunity to talk about matters that are important, about topics that are often ignored, as well as about ideas and possibilities for the future. These are conversations that rarely happen in the day to day press of business on campus and are of critical importance to the future.

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