Professional Development

K&A frequently provides workshops or other professional development experiences for faculty, Student Affairs professional staff, or other institutional and association groups. These experiences may be organized as free-standing events, as parts of a series of workshops, or as components of other activities, such as faculty or staff orientations. They may also be parts of a larger engagement with K&A—faculty and professional development workshops often support strategic planning processes, for example. Topical workshops usually include reflective and small-group components.

K&A has presented on the following topics:

  • How learning works: Using evidence from the neurosciences, cognitive and developmental psychology, the scholarship of teaching and learning, and assessment practice, K&A describes the process of learning itself and identifies factors that promote or hinder it.
  • Learning outcomes: What should students know, value, or be able to do as a result of their engagement with an institution of higher education? What conditions will promote the achievement of those learning outcomes? What set of campus colleagues and resources can best guide student learning? And how should that set of complex learning outcomes be assessed?
  • Assessment: Knowledge, commitment, and capacity-building presentations, workshops, and curricula to improve assessment practice.