Strategy defines a way forward—a pathway toward goals. Although the meaning of the word “strategy” embraces a plan, not all strategy is formal strategic planning; thinking and working strategically do not require the usual constructs and rhetoric of a strategic plan. K&A partners with whole institutions, divisions, departments, and higher education professional organizations to foster and support various forms of strategic planning, but also strategic thinking and acting. Strategy may mean:

  • Development and implementation of new strategic plans and reassessments of progress on, or the continued relevance of, existing plans. Our role in these processes varies depending on needs and purposes. We often support comprehensive planning efforts that include process design, renewal of vision and mission, multi-method data collection, priority-setting, formulation of goals and objectives, and detailed implementation plans. Some projects focus more narrowly on particular aspects of a planning process. We work comfortably and effectively with planning committees established by institutions and/or their governing boards.

  • Integrated institutional efforts to improve the quality and quantity of student engagement, learning, and success—change for learning. These projects may embrace organizational questions (such as the relationship of Academic and Student Affairs), emphasize the creation of academic and educational strategy, evaluate the effectiveness of academic and personal support services for students, review retention and completion plans, and/or focus attention on assessment of learning. In other projects, K&A might assist in the review and renewal of academic programs (e.g., general education) and strengthening of the undergraduate or graduate student experience.

  • Development and implementation of assessment strategy, including both student learning outcomes and institutional effectiveness parameters; some projects include professional development activities.

  • Preparation for institutional, departmental, or program accreditation or re-accreditation, including facilitation or consultation regarding self-studies.