Tali D. Airedale

Junior Associate for Canine Relations

Taliesin “Tali” D. Airedale, our newest employee, joined K&A on December 1, 2018 after nearly 8 weeks in preparation at Airedale University. Taliesin, a Welsh name for poets and prophets, will be primarily responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with past, current, and future clients and associates. He sustains the legacy of his predecessor, Cooper D.Airedale.

Tali can be heard on various phone calls and videoconference appointments. While he may be vocal participant when spending time in his crate, Tali is a very inclusive team member, making sure that everyone receives the appropriate greeting.

An expert in many forms of assessment, Tali will be a valuable member of the team, creating canine-learning outcomes (“sit”, “down”, “speak”), benchmarking efforts, (daily walks and bathroom breaks), and the increasingly important topic of mental health (mandatory puppy playtime).

We hope you will join us in welcoming Tali to the team, and please be on the lookout for opportunities to learn from our new associate in the New Year.

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