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Rarely do we ever adhere to just one ‘service’ when working with our clients. A true partnership involves entirely unique work processes to solve the stickiest of problems, and create the biggest impact for the culture of higher learning.


Strategy defines a way forward—a pathway toward goals. Although the meaning of the word “strategy” embraces a plan, not all strategy is formal strategic planning; thinking and working strategically do not require the usual constructs and rhetoric of a strategic plan. K&A partners with whole institutions, divisions, departments, and higher education professional organizations to foster and support various forms of strategic planning, but also strategic thinking and acting.

Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational effectiveness incorporates a variety of project types that are focused on assessing and strengthening organizations and their operations, programs, and services. Some are problem-oriented; others respond to new opportunities. All rest on a foundation of quality improvement and have the common purpose of fostering better outcomes for students and institutions.

Executive Search

Our Executive Search practice provides colleges and universities with support that is comprehensive, focused, and characterized by open and regular communication with clients and candidates. We strive to understand the unique needs of each position in order to develop a pool of candidates that will result in a successful hire.

Exceptional Problem-Solving

We help our clients think strategically, accelerate change, and make change sustainable. We are designers, makers, thinkers, and doers. We are intellectually rigorous and rigorously practical. We make our projects educational and transformative; usually, the work is also fun. We find joy and professional fulfillment in helping colleges and universities improve outcomes—and in the intricacies of making those improvements possible.

Professional Development

K&A offers many professional development opportunities for professionals from the director-level up to Presidents and Boards. We present annually at NASPA and other professional conferences, deliver keynotes at TEDx events, and even host webinars and Twitter chats on current topics in higher education.

Assessment of Learning

We are in your corner. We help build and bolster policies, processes, and practices that enable practitioners, educators, and leaders to capitalize on assessment’s promise as a resource that empowers us to deliver higher learning. Too often, assessment is used to measure broad outcomes that tell us very little about what students actually learn. Our focus is to develop capacity among educators and practitioners to conduct and utilize sound assessment in courses, programs, co-curricular activities and services, and general education.

We enjoy our work and each other. We have a passion for excellence. We are exceptional problem-solvers. We are known as “truth tellers.” We assist clients with their goals for accelerating change. We help our clients think strategically. We are intellectually rigorous. We emphasize practical, sustainable change.  We make our consulting projects educational and transformative.

More than anything else, we believe in the power and value of higher education; we work to support colleges and universities in realizing their potential.

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Endless Possibilities

K&A brings expertise and wisdom that grows from working with diverse institutions over many years. Our senior consultants are recognized leaders and scholars in higher education who have served as provost, vice president, executive director; they have served on governing and advisory boards of national professional organizations. They continue to think, write, publish, deliver keynotes, and present at conferences. The most unique part of working with us is what clients call the “K&A experience.” It is what sets us apart from any other firm in higher education.

Among K&A’s senior consultants, there are more than 150 collective years of direct on-campus experience including service as president and executive officers. This synergistic capacity defines K&A as a uniquely qualified consulting firm with the expertise and values that can create change for learning in higher education.

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