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Ever since we started K&A, our primary goal has always been trying to improve learning and outcomes for students and institutions, and we still do that.

That’s our history and our future all in one. 

We collaborate with the sharpest minds in higher education to better higher learning for all students, let’s imagine the next changes together. 

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Keynotes, Photos, and Memories from K&A Colleagues at NASPA’s Annual Meeting

Change For Learning

Our world and our understanding of how humans learn and develop has changed drastically since the first institutions of higher learning were formed about a thousand years ago.

To deal effectively with the challenges of the 21st century, we need to think differently about teaching, learning, and education itself; we must transform the ways in which we support and structure higher education. We need to re-think delivery, service, and business models in the context of changing student needs, social attitudes, and funding realities. Please join us in thinking strategically about the future of higher education — and in creating authentic change for learning.

What We Do

How We Work

Rather than emphasizing the differences and “silos” in higher education, we focus on learning as an integrated, institution-wide activity. We work as a collaborative team to determine the root problem, ideal strategy, or perfect candidate for the institution preparing to move ahead. Learn more about our consultancy, process, and how to work with us here.

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Rutgers University Director of Student Health Services

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K&A #NASPA100 Homepage Photos, Keynotes, and Memories from K&A colleagues

K&A at NASPA100 Homepage Photos, Keynotes, and Memories from the NASPA Annual Meeting celebratory sessions Pre-Conference Workshop-Addressing Student Mental Health: Understanding the Past in order to Plan for [...]

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