Tali D. Airedale

Executive Director for Canine Relations

Taliesin (“Tali”) D. Airedale’s meteoric rise to influence and power as Executive Director, Canine Relations began shortly after his birth, in 2018. Following in the paw prints of his illustrious predecessors, Hank D. Airedale and Cooper D. Airedale, Tali brings love, excitement, and occasional disruption to our pet-friendly company. Named after a sixth-century Welsh poet who sang for kings and could foretell the future, Tali’s presence suggests that things will, eventually, be OK. He barks agreement or dispute—it’s never entirely clear which—during Zoom calls and assists us in remembering to play and go outside. Somewhere behind those deep brown eyes lies great wisdom.

Areas of Expertise

  • Tail-wagging
  • Squirrel Chasing
  • Unconditional love

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